Glenn Tees|Clobbering Humor and T-shirt Printing!

WHAT happen if humor and T-shirt printing collides? Well, AWESOME T-SHIRT PRINTS! That’s how GLENNZ TEES did to their tees and related products.  GLENNZ TEES LLC is based in Austin, Texas. Their sales began in early 2008 and shipping to over 80 countries and wholesale tees to business all over the world. Glenn Jones is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator from Auckland, New Zealand. The name GLENNZ was actually tells where it based (GLENN + NZ). He uses GLENNZ as his username on T-shirt design site Threadless.com, which is where all it started and later on he uses the latter name since it was the nickname a lot of people associates his work with. 

Here are some of his works. 

Wild Gummi
Angry Species
Continuous Gaming
Anger Management
Secret Habit
Dental Care
What I loved with his works was when recognizing familiar figures, like Robocop, Angry Birds, Ronald McDonalds, some characters from Toy Story movie and TV commercials in a funny way. He is an awesome illustrator, indeed.

And the prices are evenhanded, around $15.95 to $21.95 each with a good quality. 

You can visit his site, Glennz Tees-Funny Original T-shirts and Glennz Tees blog to see more of his works. 

By the way, I attached this video illustrating how he did his design.


  1. i like the green one!!!

    i hope i could get one :))


  2. Haha ang galing! My fave is the last one and Anger management.. ;)

  3. love the anger management design.haha

  4. I love the gummi bear design!

  5. the designs are so nice. the anger management one i think is the best :)

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  7. You have such a gifted hand and I am amazed with your masterpieces.
    I wish I can borrow your hand in order for me to create even one.

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