Editable Minnie Mouse Invitation in PSD Format

It is every mom’s dream to have a Minnie Mouse themed birthday celebration for her baby girl. All too colorful and all too joyous, you can never go wrong with this one theme. A classic hit, Minnie Mouse inspired birthday party is enjoyed by everyone. And this is where you can begin your preparations for the party with lovely Minnie Mouse inspired invitation.

To download, just click the image above.

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Baby Shark Theme Tarpaulin

As requested by a friend, I made this Baby Shark Theme design for tarpaulin. (Please forgive me for the delays.) 

According to Wikipedia, "Baby Shark" is a Korean nursery song about a family of sharks produced by Pinkfong, an education brand under South Korean media startup SmartStudy, which became a viral video in Indonesia. The song has since spread to many other countries, particularly in Southeast Asia. By October 2017, the "Baby Shark" song series received over a billion views (and counting) worldwide, and the mobile app is among the top 10 most downloaded in the family apps category in South Korea, Bangladesh, Singapore, Hong Kong and Indonesia. While the song is designated for children, it has also been known to be popular among adults due to its addictive and upbeat music, simple and fun lyrics, as well as entertaining dance moves. Due to its popularity, it has spurred an online dance craze (or referred to as Baby Shark Challenge) around the world, while being cited as "the next big thing after the domination of Gangnam Style". K-pop groups including Girls' Generation, Red Velvet and Black Pink have been credited to further spread the viral song through their coverage of the song and dance, specifically on their featured TV shows and concerts.

Historically, songs named Baby Shark have been around for a long time. In a 2007 book on American band camps, it was mentioned. In 2011 both Johnny Oh and The Learning Station released versions on YouTube that were less gruesome than earlier versions and aimed at younger children. The Learning Station also included "Baby Shark" on its #1 Best Kids song CD in 2011. 

Just click the Baby Shark Tarpaulin Design below. It is linked to its PSD file.

Click me, I'm linked to my PSD file.

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Editable Frozen and Sophia the 1st Tarpaulin Design in PSD Format

This editable tarpaulin layout with "Frozen and Sophia the 1st" concept is yours for FREE! It is in Adobe Photoshop CS6 format.


Download it by simply clicking on the image above. Wait a few seconds and it will open in Dropbox, Inc. 

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Fonts used:



Cape San Agustin

Cape San Agustin is the most southeasterly point in the Philippines situated in the island of Mindanao, between the capital City of Mati and the coastal town of Governor Generoso in Davao Oriental, facing the vast raging waters of Celebes Sea on the south and the calm waters of Davao Gulf on the west. Known of old as "Provincia de Caraga, 1609," which stretches from the Cape of Surigao in the north-end, and down to the Cape of San Agustin, it was considered a most important strategic navigational demarcation during the Spanish colonial era. The area was also of strategic importance for the Americans and Japanese in World War II where both forces had radar installations near the Cape. Cape San Agustin was a favorite hunting ground by American submarines in WWII, and many Japanese shipwrecks are reputed to lie in this area.


Budget-wise Birthday Invitation

Spending money on foods, entertainment and party favors is unavoidable to ensure you throw the memorable party for your love ones.

But there’s a lot of ways on how to cut too much expenses for your kid’s birthday party preparation. And knowing a way of doing it without affecting the quality of your theme presentation is a big advantage.

To help you about it, here’s an editable budget-wise birthday invitation in PSD format which only cost a 4 inch x 6 inch size photo paper, a printer and a little knowledge in Photoshop CS6 application. A cheap yet cute birthday invitation will be yours without spending another cash for layout.  

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A Tarp for Building Greener Environment Through Science & Technology

Attached link is a tarpaulin layout for Kingking Central Elementary School's Convocation sponsored by Grade 4 with the theme: "Building Greener Environment Through Science & Technology" done using Photoshop CS6.

The client send me the concept they did in MS Word and all I did was rearranging and adding a touch of art on it according to what our client's request. It is editable, in PSD format, and measures 4ft by 4ft.

Enjoy using it guys and please don't forget to leave comment below. :)


Free Editable Birthday Tarpaulin Template in PSD format

Here's another set of Tarpaulin Templates in PSD format for birthday. 
I know the feeling during rush hours, so I guess these Tarpaulin Templates are very useful for your urgent tarpaulin layout.

 Tinkerbell Concept Tarpaulin for birthday
 Free Editable Tinkerbell Concept Tarpaulin for birthday/dedication
 Minion Concept Tarpaulin for Birthday
Free Editable Minion Concept Tarpaulin for Birthday

 Hello Kitty Concept Tarpaulin
Free Editable Hello Kitty Concept Tarpaulin for Birthday
 Barbie Concept Tarpaulin
Free Editable Barbie Concept Tarpaulin for Birthday
 2 birthdays in 1 tarpaulin
Free Editable 2 in 1 Concept Tarpaulin for Birthday
 Fiesta & Birthdays in 1
Free Editable Feast and Triple Birthdays in 1 Tarpaulin Concept
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Steps on Preparing Positive Image and Exposing Emulsion to Sunlight

Note: This is a continuation of a previous post.


Step 3: Prepare your image

The emulsion on your screen is photosensitive; when it’s exposed to light, the emulsion hardens onto the fabric and becomes water-resistant. So, to put your image on the screen, make a “positive” with an opaque, black image on it (blocks light) and a transparent background that lets light get through to react with the photo emulsion.

An easy way to do this is to make a black and white image using Adobe Photoshop CS6 or CorelDraw X7, print it on a bondpaper.

More ideas:

It’s even possible to make a “grayscale” screen print, where solid black areas on your printed image end up entirely clear on your screen, and gray areas are a pattern of tiny black dots that become tiny clear spaces on your screen. To do this, you’ll still need to start with a fairly high-contrast black and white image, then convert it to bitmap. A resolution test pattern (like this classic RCA test pattern) helps with calibration and makes a neat screen printed image by itself, too.

Here's a tutorial on How to make CMYK pattern for T-shirt printing.

Since both of your screen and image are ready, it's time for the next step.

Step 5: Expose it then rinse

If you already have an exposure box, you can use it in this step. Those who doesn't know what exposure box is ― it is a light box or light table, with several fluorescent bulbs set directly under a glass, allows for simpler set-up and shorter exposure times, but may take some experimentation to figure out what the correct exposure time should be. Depending on what light intensity you have coming out of the light box, your exposure time could be around 6 or 7 minutes.

But in this tutorial, since not everyone has an exposure box, we will do the old way  ― the direct to sunlight exposure.

Exposing Emulsion to Direct Sunlight Setup:

Before taking your completely-dry screen out, get the rest of your exposure rig put together.

You'll need:

a sheet of glass to cover the screen, foams and a hard board

of course, your image  

(note: to obtain a transparent background,
spread cooking oil using a cotton, if printed on a bond paper)

  • Put the foams under the screen, 

  • We are going to set the screen with the bottom side facing up.

  • Lay your image and the glass on top of that, make sure to place your image backward, facing the screen and against the glass, so that it is in correct position when you look at the bottom side of the screen. This is especially important for text and numbers.

  • and lastly put the hard board at the bottom.

  • Now, find a good spot outside for your direct-to-sunlight exposure.

The exposure time? Just 1... 2... 3... 4... and that's it!

  • Now the exposure is done, remove the glass, the pattern, the foams and the hard board, then rinse the screen.

  • Spray the screen using the Pump up Hand Held Pressure Sprayer. As you spray, you’ll see clear areas developing where your images blocked the exposure light; concentrate your spraying on those areas. Hold the screen up to the light; the mesh of the screen fabric should be entirely clear and open in your image areas. If it’s not, keep on spraying.

  • Once done spraying, let it dry completely.

  • Apply Photo Hardener on your fully-dried screen. This will add hardness to the photo-emulsion applied on screen.


Now, your screen is ready to be use.

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