How To Use Grid Lines as Drawing Tool?

Have you tried using a grid as drawing tool for enlarging a picture? If not, well let me share it why you should. It can be very helpful because it allows you to focus on one block of the picture at a time. So why pay for those expensive grid drawing tutorials when you can learn the same technique on your own for free. I learned using a grid for drawing when I was in grade school and till now it is the easiest technique I’m getting use to. From simple to delicate project, grid drawing can be used for almost any project and it is easy for the beginner to try.

I will teach you how to use grid as a tool for drawing on this post. But first, we have to prepare the following materials:

and of course, our reference picture.

Step 1: Draw a grid on the reference picture. (I’m using 1cm is to 1.5 inches ratio (ratio: 1 cm : 1.5 in) for that reason, reference picture will be scaled 1 centimeter per line distance.) 

Step 2: Make a grid on your drawing paper.
(Do the same steps on step 1 but use 1.5 inches per line distance.)

As I’ve said earlier, we only have to focus on one block of the picture at a time. Copy the whole image by using this method. Once you're done, you can erase the grid lines.

Below is my final sketch. 


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