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Hand-Drawn - A cachet applied to a cover by hand with pen, pencil, brush, chalk or other art media. Done by hand, as to speak. Mostly a line art.

Every masterpiece starts with a single stroke of line and every stroke done my an artist creates a masterpiece. 

The question is how to know your skills in this field of art? How to draw or even how to start drawing? 

Though there's a lot of online drawing lessons now. And aside from that, some offers free drawing software hence you will gather a lot of information and be trained from it. But is it much okay if there's someone you can ask and assist you during your study? So then this blog helps.

Let me share the skills and information I have to offer and that it may be rewarded to see you the excitement and sense of accomplishment that comes with learning. 

Hand-Drawn blog offers aside from drawing and painting tips and techniques, instruction for anyone interested in drawing and painting, it also tackles everything related to art, e.g. tee shirt printing and techniques, modern and digital arts as well, ahhm,  let me say, general arts.

Have fun!


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