Our Children Department's Display

I have been thinking what nice display I should make at our store's Children Department. In previous days,  I made Upin & Ipin concept but I'm not satisfied. Though the concept seems nice but it was in 2 dimensional. I need to think... THINK!

Then a few days later, we have been busy for the year's Chinese New Year display, which consumed most of our time, and it happen to take a rest for awhile, since my 2-year contract was ended and I need to take my VACATION!!!! Philippines, here I come! 
And when I came back and after signing for another 2 year contract, need to keep on rushing for these display since I skipped a lot of time doing it. And for 2 weeks wrestling with this dragon, hhhhmmm... done with satisfaction! ^^

More about Hua Ho's CNY Dragon Display 2012 here.


Chinese New Year Coloring Pages

But still I can't think of something for Children Department display. 

I finished doing our display at Toys Department last year. The old display was in its 12 years before I changed it (done by store's earlier artists).  And the concept I replaced with the old one: Toystory concept.

Toy Story Coloring Pages


Did I mention that all our displays were made of 99% styrofoam? Well, it is indeed ^^. Now I said it. And we only used regular cutter knife, hot glue, and some bamboo sticks doing it. We have no special cutting tools like Handheld Styrofoam cutter, Hot Knives, Foam Cutters and Hot Wires that usually used on styrofoam carving. Ah, we have one! our very own invented styro cutter which is attached on a round table and use for styrofoam letter cutting.

Here's some of my styrofoam displays:

Smurf Coloring Pages

FINALLY! These earlier weeks, since we're preparing for Summer Display 2012, I come up to thinking about the concept for Children Department Display. I then carved two characters for it and called them, "Bugoy and Bugay", a playful kids running on the field full of flowers, butterflies, and teddy bears, where bugoy holding kite's thread, and behind them: 'Children Department' word. (something like that... ^^)
 And hopefully once I bring them outside our Arts Department and put them at the destined place, people will love them like I do. What you think?

>>Try to navigate my Portfolio for my other works. ^^


  1. Is this Dragon display at Hua Ho Yayasan? I didn't saw the final one, only that of Bunut 'coz I already went back to Pinas. Ang galing ng artwork nyo.


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