7 Steps Doodling Lion’s Face Out from a Rectangle

I'm having problem with my laptop last night and I have no other choice but to clean it up and reformatting the hard drive. Doing this technically consumes patience. Since I started late at night, I finished by 3 o'clock in the morning. And to avoid  getting stress, I took my drawing pad and pencil and do the doodle. 

What is a doodle?
A doodle is an unfocused drawing made while a person's attention is otherwise occupied. Doodles are simple drawings that can have concrete representational meaning or may just be abstract shapes.

Stereotypical examples of doodling are found in school notebooks, often in the margins, drawn by students daydreaming or losing interest during class. Other common examples of doodling are produced during long telephone conversations if a pen and paper are available.

Popular kinds of doodles include cartoon versions of teachers or companions in a school, famous TV or comic characters, invented fictional beings, landscapes, geometric shapes and patterns, textures, banners with legends, and animations made by drawing a scene sequence in various pages of a book or notebook.

Okay, wanna know some steps how to start doing a doodle? Just follow these simple seven steps on doodling a lion's face out from a rectangle. 

Here's my doodle steps done with Photoshop just to make it easier for you to follow.

 1. Draw a rectangle. 

2. Add a triangle at the bottom part inside the rectangle. 

3. Draw a small triangle vertically-flipped pointing the big triangle and connect the two triangle with a line. Then draw a small isosceles trapezoid just above touching our small flipped triangle. 

4. Now add zigzag pattern inside of the big triangle for the teeth. 

5. Let’s add the lion’s eyes, ears and jaw. WOW! Our lion’s face now looks splendid. 

6. Eight whiskers will make our lion’s face great! 

7. Be a child, do the scribble! Create the mane. Do it around, circling our lion’s face. Add some fun on it and don’t stop until you satisfied on what you've done. 

Don’t bother how it ends; the important is… you’re relieved being stress out and you are having FUN!

DONE! ^^


The doodle designed by Larry Page and Sergey Brin of 1998 was the first Google Doodle, in honor of the Burning Man Festival. They made it to notify users of their absence in case the servers crashed. And then there was Dennis Hwang who designed the logo for Bastille Day in 2000 and  many other Google Doodles until now. 

By clicking on a Google Doodle, you will directed to a string of Google search  where you can see the results about the topic.

But my most favorite Google Doodle was the Pac-Man interactive logo, shown in May 21, 2010, in commemorating the 30th anniversary of the arcade game Pac-Man. And it was the first interactive logo, created in association with Namco. 

Wanna play Pac-Man? click this link: Google Pac-Man site. You can also visit the Google Archive to see hundreds of doodles Google created.


  1. ang galing hehe tnx for the tip, I also doodle pero abstract ehehe

  2. Ahahaha, this is great. Thanks for the step by step tutorial! My Lion's not bad in fact it turned out great!

  3. wow! that's great ms Blanca.. may I see it? ^^

  4. I don't doodle unless I don't want to listen to the teacher. Doodling with a pen and pare is way better than with a mouse ;)

  5. Wow! This is very interesting. In that case, I never knew I liked doodling so much. I used to make a random shape before and draw something out of it. It's quite fun when you make something great from it. When done without thinking, we might find ourselves drawing most of our desires. Nice article.

  6. this is cool! might try sometime! i often my myself nothing to do as well! maybe i can indeed draw haha! xx

  7. hahaa. so cute! :)
    ang alam ko ln before yung piglet! :)
    ngyon pti lion na.

  8. Hahaha... I actually tried this! Outcome ain't good. LOL. I'm such a lousy doodler.

  9. Step by step procedure is awesome..I will let my little cousins try this too! ^_^ They'll love this for sure.

  10. Such a nice doodle you have here.
    It seems hard to do because I don't
    know how to draw but looking at
    those steps... I think, I can make that
    LION roar as if ALIVE.... LOL!!!!

  11. Thanks for that Doodle. I find it really cool to doodle at times especially when you're able to create something out of nothing.

  12. I loove doodling! I doodled a lot when I was a student (oops, I just revealed how easily bored I get when listening to school lectures hehe)

    That's a wonderful tutorial! I'm sure a lot of doodlers out there would appreciate this help you provided! :-)

  13. naww this is cool! Sometimes looking to the designs makes it hard to draw but trying and exploring how to do it can make you amazed! I love your post thanks for the tips! I love doodling too :3

  14. i love your site!!! more tips and tricks to come! :))

  15. thank you for sharing this... I'm also fond of doing doodles

  16. Nice ... I loved how simple that looked pero its a lion talaga ha.

  17. So easy to follow! I can easily teach this to kids and to the kids-at-heart.
    Thanks for sharing~

  18. nice idea.. thanks for posting.


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