Stretch Me This Way | Silkscreen Tutorial

Lesson #2:

Make your own silkscreen frame by simply following these steps below.
The instructions are the same as any How to Make Silk Screen Frame Tutorials, I simply add a little bit of idea I've learned that I guess may help you out on how to stretch the organza much more easier than the usual pulling.^^

We need 2-inch x 2-inch wood, saw, hammer, nails or screws, gun tacker, organza/synthetic screen mesh, scissors, masking tape and hand sprayer for this project.  


1. Cut two 30-cm lengths of 5-cm by 5-cm (2" x 2") wood  and 40-cm lengths of 5-cm by 5-cm (2" x 2") using a saw. Build a square frame with the wood using nails or screws. 

2. Sand every sharp corners or edges of the frame where the grooves meet up to make it smooth and to protect the fabric.

3. If your pattern is for long lasting use, coat it with polyurethane finish to seal and protect the wood.

4. Prepare your organza/synthetic screen mesh, by using your gun tacker (you can use regular stapler). Staple the synthetic mesh along one side of the frame. Wet the organza using a hand sprayer. This will help you stretching the synthetic screen mesh easier. Then staple on the opposite side of the frame in the same manner. Proceed on to staple the remaining two sides.

5. Wipe it with dry cloth or put it under the sun to dry. Remove the excess fabric with scissors. Then sealed each sides with masking tape. 

And we're done. It is so easy, you can even do it alone.

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