Black and White – Why Panda only had?

I am browsing my Stumbleupon account today and saw this awesome animated video under Kuriositas  account, in titled: Why the Panda is Black and White. This 2 minutes and 27 seconds video tells about a boy's curiosity why Panda's color was only black and white. His imagination worked and tell the viewers about the story of a monochromatic world painted by an invisible hand. 

But wait! One animal is asleep and misses the chance to be painted... PANDA!

Hhhmmm... It's not the panda who hates blog which my co-blogger – Stef dela Cruz are talking about. You know, the Google Panda who hates posts with few words on it (like this one. ha ha!). The same Panda who is more than my English instructor who hates my grammar sometime,  way back in college. ^^

Okay, enough for that.

But why only Panda? You may ask. How about skunks, orcas or maybe, zebras? Well, let's wait till this little boy turn another page and see those other animals in his book.

This piece is in fact an advert for French kid’s channel TiJi. The byline at the end translates as "TV at the height of their imagination".

Who is Kuriositas?
Hey! Don't look at me like that. She is not my girlfriend. Kuriositas is known for showcasing animations which might not otherwise get a broad audience on the internet – but it does have to be said that most they show are not intellectually challenging.


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