How to Transform Silhouette Image into Custom Shapes Using Photoshop CS5

Do you want to use an image file as your Custom Shape in Photoshop CS5 but don’t know how to do it?  Stop worrying now, this tutorial is intended for you.

What is CSH file extension?

The CSH file extension is associated with Adobe Photoshop, a professional image-editing standard and leader of the Photoshop digital imaging line, developed by Adobe Systems Incorporated.

CSH files are used for custom vector shapes (objects), such as logo of a sexy lady for a magazine cover and can be saved and loaded in Adobe Photoshop.

Custom shape files are saved in Photoshop/Presets/Custom Shapes folder by default.

By default, Custom Shape Tool is under the Rectangle Tool
Just right-click the icon and select Custom Shape Tool

The shape tools provide an easy way to create buttons, navigation bars, and other items used on web pages.

1. Open a new blank Photoshop document by clicking File menu at the top left corner of the screen and choose New. This brings up the New Document dialog box. Set your document as follows: 3 inches width and 3 inches height (3x3), 300 resolutions. 
Opening a New File in File Menu
Resetting image size and resolution
2. Locate your source image and import it on Photoshop CS5 or use drag & drop command.

3. To transform your silhouette image as a Custom Shape, first ensure that the silhouette image’s layer is selected in the Layers palette. The preview icon will be highlighted once selected. Right-click your image layer icon in the Layers palette and click Layer From Background.
Layering the silhouette image from background.

4. Once clicked, the pop-up window will appear. Rename your file and hit OK
Renaming the image.
5. Using rectangular marquee tool (shortcut: M), select a little portion of the white area by   long pressing the left button dragging your mouse. 
Selecting the white background using rectangular marquee tool.
Open Select menu at the top of the screen and click Similar. This will select all the white space in our image.

6. Press Delete button. This will reveal our image in a transparent background.
Deleting the white background.
7. Select the image using Wand Tool.
Selecting the image using Magic Wand Tool.
8. Right-click the selected image and click Make Work Path
Converting the image file into a work path.
Setting the Tolerance in 1.0 pixels.
8. Set the Work Path Tolerance in 1.0 pixels. 

9. Clicking Edit menu at the top left corner of the screen and choose Define Custom Shape, renaming it, and it's done. You have now your very owned Custom Shapes for Photoshop.

Renaming the shape.
Click the link below for the Custom Shapes I've done so far. Go on... it's for FREE.

How to use

1. Expand the Custom Shape tool by clicking the down arrow.

2. Click the small right arrow icon.

3. Click Load Shapes and locate the csh file you've downloaded, extract it and click OK button.


Free Editable Templates for Tarpaulin in Photoshop Format

Looking for a FREE Editable Templates for Tarpaulin in PSD format?
Just click the images below. Enjoy!

a lovely day
rural green
starry starry night
bubbling tangerine
wooden day

Click this link for another Free sets of editable templates you can use when doing layouts for birthdays or any kind of parties in Adobe Illustrator CS5 format.

Customize your own t-shirts using these editable designs in EPS file format. You are free to modify and apply your T-shirt design ideas using these unique, custom t-shirts designs.


Glenn Tees|Clobbering Humor and T-shirt Printing!

WHAT happen if humor and T-shirt printing collides? Well, AWESOME T-SHIRT PRINTS! That’s how GLENNZ TEES did to their tees and related products.  GLENNZ TEES LLC is based in Austin, Texas. Their sales began in early 2008 and shipping to over 80 countries and wholesale tees to business all over the world. Glenn Jones is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator from Auckland, New Zealand. The name GLENNZ was actually tells where it based (GLENN + NZ). He uses GLENNZ as his username on T-shirt design site Threadless.com, which is where all it started and later on he uses the latter name since it was the nickname a lot of people associates his work with. 

Here are some of his works. 

Wild Gummi
Angry Species
Continuous Gaming
Anger Management
Secret Habit
Dental Care
What I loved with his works was when recognizing familiar figures, like Robocop, Angry Birds, Ronald McDonalds, some characters from Toy Story movie and TV commercials in a funny way. He is an awesome illustrator, indeed.

And the prices are evenhanded, around $15.95 to $21.95 each with a good quality. 

You can visit his site, Glennz Tees-Funny Original T-shirts and Glennz Tees blog to see more of his works. 

By the way, I attached this video illustrating how he did his design.


A Perfect Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day 2012 will be on Sunday, the 13th of May. It will be the most beautiful and appropriate moment to spend time with your mom. But before going to the store and picking up those chocolates hampers or flower bouquets at the store's window display, that are beautifully packed and ready to offer for moms on Mother's Day, maybe you need to think first on what is the perfect gift you could offer for your mom on this once a year celebration for her than that.

But what are the perfect Mother's Day gifts that suit her taste? Let me share with you my perfect Mother's Day gift ideas. Yes. It is only an idea that I'm hoping to realize.

I'll confess, I never tried dating with my mom ever since. Not because I am a bad son to her but because I don't know how. I don't know what she likes or even, I don't know if she's fond of that "dating" thing. And I'm afraid to ask (my bad). But, if I will be given a chance to spend time with her, these are my list of how my perfect Mother's Day gifts would be.

Unknown Mother | My first drawing entry  at  ratemydrawing.com

Idea #1

When I was 10 years old, I envied my classmates having their moms in our school during Mother's Day celebration. And I know that my mother is not like their moms. She showed her support in a different way not the same way like their mother's did, attending any school programs for the whole school years. And there’s a part of the program where our teacher asks us to tell something about our moms and the giving cards and hugging and kissing them... I was their left at my chair holding my personalized Mother's Day card and wishes that somehow she would come.
So, if given another chance as I've said, I will do it again this time. I want to tell the world how lucky I am to have her as my mother, that what I am today won't happen without her. And hug her tight and kiss her. And give her the most beautiful and colorful Mother's Day card I personally made.

Idea #2
When I was in high school, I almost forgot how to celebrate the occasion. What always on my mind, aside from studying is how to get involve with my peers and busy making things to win the heart of my first love.
Again, if given a chance, it is in my idea to offer my mom my involvement in everything she loves.

Idea #3
Now, I am working, gaining salary that can make my ideas come true. But still cannot do it. And it won’t work either because I am miles away from home, away from her. The thing that I wanted her to offer me before was the thing I am now longing to have… TIME.

Though I never gave her the material things or showed her the fancy places in the world, I am still proud that my UNDYING LOVE for her was I guess, is my most perfect Mother’s Day gift to her that I never mentioned as part of my ideas because it's not. It is for real. 
I’ll be sending my LOVE, to the first face I saw and admired. To the woman who was there with me from the beginning of my life; to the same woman who rebuke me when I’m doing the wrong way; to my mama Nita whom I have debt for carrying me inside her bosom for 9 months and giving me this wonderful life, I will send it all to you. 

Ahmm.. Okay, I’ll send chocolates and flowers, too. What else you want mom? ^^,.

How about you? What was the best gift you remember you gave to your mother? My advice... Go out with her! Have time with her while she was there with you. Treat her in a special way that she will never forget for the rest of her life. ^^,

To all the mothers in the world and to all of you who’s reading this, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to you and to your mom!!!

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