Simple Steps on How to Apply Photo-emulsion on Silk Screen

Note: This is a continuation of a previous post.


Step 2: Apply it to the Screen

First – Be sure to clean the area to avoid your project getting filthy because this step needs extra careful and should be relatively clean.

You can use a piece of old sim card body to substitute squeegee, as long as it is wide, straight, smooth edge for spreading.

  • Cover the edge part of the frame using a masking tape to secure the photo-emulsion and to avoid it from spilling.

  • Pour out a thick line of emulsion across one end of the screen (over the masking tape).

  • Using the old sim card spread it evenly over the whole screen, making a thin layer. Always check for pin holes and cover it by spreading the photo-emulsion repeatedly. Repeat this process until you have a thin, even layer of emulsion covering the entire screen. 

  • Now, your frame is ready and all you need is to make it clean by wiping the excess emulsion.

  • Once you’re done, set your screen in a shaded room, (putting it in a dark place is not necessary) 

  • and blow it dry using hair dryer.

  • It's done. Put your frame in the shaded area and cover it with dark cloth.

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