How to Create 3D Slant Art Pattern

I am among many who are admiring the works of Tracy Lee Stum , Kurt Wenner and Julian Beever. The Anamorphic art or also known as Slant Art. You know what I mean—3D pavement art or much well known as 3D street painting. 
Like most, I asked myself how they made such art. It was really amazing. I dealt researched and studied how they do it and by doing rehearsal a few days, I also learned it.

I learned two ways to do it. One way is to require any camera while you draw directly on paper. This will be the view finder to make your masterpiece. The second way is by editing using Photoshop.

And that's what I teach you in this post.

We need an object, of course, to be use as our subject or model. 

1. Create new page on Photoshop. I use preset: International Paper, size: A4 and 300 resolution.
Page preparation
2. Use rectangular tool, expand the size by simply dragging while Shift key on hold (Shift+dragging the mouse' left click button) by doing this, you can create a perfect square. Set Fill = 0%. Add effect: Stroke. Color: Black / Size:1.
Creating a square, changing the amount of Fill and adding stroke effect.
3. Next is to duplicate your edited square. Just press the shortcut keys: Ctrl+J. Set row = 8 squares and column = 6 squares. Arrange them properly to create grid. Select all by highlighting layers (shortcut: dragging your mouse pointer on the page). Merge your squares by pressing Ctrl + E.
Arranging the squares to create grid.
4. Duplicate your grid by pressing Ctrl + J. Resize it, drop the height down to column 6 (as shown below) and by using Perspective (Edit / Transform / Perspective) drag upper corner of the grid inward horizontally to create perspective like shown below (red color grid).

Duplicating grid and adding perspective.
5. Insert image below red colored grid's layer and group them together ( red colored grid and image).

6. Using Perspective transformation, align the the two grids together.

7. Your project is done, you can print it out now.

Here's the sample of my 3D Slant Art. 

Are you planning to use it as pattern for your 3D Slant Art on the street? Hmm.. you can actually. How to do it? Just draw a grid on the street exactly same as our pattern but only bigger in size. And refer to my previous post about using grid as drawing tool to learn how to do it. 

That's it! Super Easy.


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