Look! I draw Natalie Portman.

Though I learned to draw since I was in grade school but I just been really able to produce a figure drawing of a popular person. 

To learn the techniques, I often studied the works of prominent artists and how they are doing an art. And for having nothing broad knowledge and formal studies in the field of arts (GOD was really good by giving me this talent), I do really strive to learn it this way (Mabuti nalang nandyan na si Mr. Google). 

Few days ago, this website have drawn my attention, their tutorials are very detailed. And I told myself, "ma'try nga." 

BEFORE we start, let's have a little knowledge about our model for today, my favorite—Natalie Portman.

Natalie Portman was the the actress that received worldwide fame as Queen Amidala in the highly anticipated US$431 million-grossing prequel Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace (1999). She also starred in two critically acclaimed comedy dramas, Anywhere But Here (1999) and Where the Heart Is (2000), followed by Closer (2004), for which she received an Oscar nomination, V for Vendetta (2005),  Black Swan (2010), and the Natalie Portman that doing kissing scenes and kissing Ashton Kutcher in No Strings Attached (2011)... Whew! I really love this girl.

Materials: Pencils HB and 6B, ruler, drawing paper and subject's picture.

Check first Using Grid as guidelines, because we are applying it for this tutorial, 
(Refer our tutorial on the picture below).
1.  Applying grid on our subject, 
2. and on our paper  
3. Start copying the details of the picture in your paper.
4. Once done, erase the grid. 
5-6. Improvise, give extra patient on details, and add some artistic skills to your subject.
7. Our project is done. 

According to http://www.artinstructionblog.com under their post "Drawing Lesson – How to Shade Pencil Drawings By Miranda Aschenbrenner"

You've got to remember these tips:

  • You have to Control Your Pencil
  • Practice, and don't press hard upon Blending

More drawings of Natalie Portman by other artists

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