They are glad to be where they are!

Do you still remember my two buddies, Budoy & Buday?

If you happen to read my previous blog – Our Children Department Display, then you already know all about  this two characters below. Well, here they are now, playing outside at Children Department area of Hua Ho Department Store. Where they are properly installed.

Local name of kite in Brunei is "Kikik"

And here's Upin and Ipin with their friends. I put them at the other side of the fence.

Upin and Ipin at the back of the main display.
Back  in bahasa Melayu is "Belakang" .
I guess that Filipino word balakang was derived from a Malaysian word.

So, here it is. Our Children Department display. I know they are so glad to be where they are now. Because I do! ^^
click me! click me!! ^^


  1. These are so cute! :D I don't really watch Upin and Ipin that much, but I really adore those twins! :D Anyway, hope you can drop by my blog too. Have a nice day!


  2. very nice!!!!! pwede bang kunin? hehehe


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