I am pleased to present these 5 artists that top on my personal list as Five Favorite Filipino Fine Artists. 

NO. 5:

Federico Aguilar Alcuaz (June 6, 1932 - February 2, 2011) was an award winning Filipino Painter who exhibited extensively Internationally and whose work earned him recognition both in the Philippines and abroad.

Alcuaz was conferred the title of National Artist for Visual Arts, Painting, Sculpture and Mixed Media in 2009. However, four nominees for the award other than Alcuaz became embroiled in the 2009 National Artist of the Philippines Controversy, which led the Supreme Court of the Philippines to temporarily issue a status quo order on August 25, 2009, blocking the conferment of the awards on all seven nominees - despite the fact that no objections were ever raised regarding the conferment of the award to Alcuaz and two other nominees.

Serie 'Tres Marias'

NO. 4:

Jun Martinez is an award-winning impressionist painter, a core group member of the famed Tuesday Group. Jun has mounted over 22 solo exhibits in prestigious venues in the Philippines and abroad, most notably his sold-out Summers of Childhood series.

Mother & Child Series
Watercolor, 19.5in x 14in. 


NO. 3:

His larger-than-life sculptures are all over the city, such as “The Durian” at the Davao International Airport; the 50 sculptures for the Bukidnon Overview Park along the national highway connecting the city to Cagayan de Oro; and 100 sculptures at the People’s Park. His very own Ponce Suites is decorated purely by all his works and once you are in the lobby you will surely notice his artcrafts.

The Durian at the Davao International Airport 


NO. 2:

Joey Velasco is a Filipino visual artist who dared to journey in a field, gingerly trodden by Filipino artists---religious art. His most notable piece is "Hapag ng Pag-asa" (Table of Hope), a recasting of the "Last Supper," where Christ shares a meal with hungry street urchins.

>Joey Velasco's Biography


NO. 1:

Fernando Amorsolo y Cueto (May 30, 1892 – April 24, 1972) is one of the most important artists in the history of painting in the Philippines. Amorsolo was a portraitist and painter of rural Philippine landscapes. He is popularly known for his craftsmanship and mastery in the use of light. Born in Paco, Manila, he earned a degree from the Liceo de Manila Art School in 1909.

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  1. I like Kublai Millan most because of the cute little cute statues at the People's Park in Davao City [Philippines]. I could remember a friend who relayed a story to me that his friend was encouraging him to go the People's Park to see Charice Pempengco. He was surprise to know that Charice is in Davao. After all, his friend was referring to the sculpture of Kublai. ^_^

    Disclaimer: I am only sharing a story that I heard from a friend.


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