Look! I draw Natalie Portman.

Though I learned to draw since I was in grade school but I just been really able to produce a figure drawing of a popular person. 


From Photo to Cartoon Using Photoshop

Photo Manipulation Tutorials

In this beginners Photoshop CS3 tutorial we will be taking a photograph of a girl (I'm using a photo of Alexia, my friend's daughter for her birthday banner) and with photoshop graphic effects, filter effects and using some photoshop tools we will convert her picture into a cartoon drawing. 

1. Just like any Photoshop tutorials, we will open an image that we would like to manipulate. Make sure the image is in RGB mode. To check this, go to Image under the menu bar - Mode - RGB Color.

Make a duplicate of this layer as you will be working on this layer going forward.

2. First we need to Duplicate (Ctrl+J) the layer. Now we will be applying the Poster Edges filter. To do this, go to Filter > Artistic > Poster Edges. I'm using these settings: Edge Thickness: 0 Edge Intensity: 0 Posterization: 2.

3. After the Poster Edges effect, we will Adjust the Brightness & Contrast with the values: Brightness Value: 10 Contrast: 30.

4. Now we will do an artistic cut out effect to give it that cartoon look. Go to Filter > Artistic > Cut Out. I'm setting values: Number of Levels: 7, Edge Simplicity: 0 and Edge Fidelity: 2. And this is what you get!

5. I'm not satisfied with the outcome so I have to take deeper action on it. This time, I use the Pen tool (shape layers) to trace over the key lines from our image per color.

•Don't worry if you don't get the lines in just the right place - you may prefer the changes you accidentally made (sometimes you can get new ideas this way).

•You can always adjust the anchor points and amount of curvature. While using the pen tool, just press the Control button, and the cursor will change into the direct select tool (white headed arrow). You can then go back and adjust any of the anchor points you previously made.


Since, my friend suggested to make the layout with Angry Birds theme, I change the balloon into an Angry Bird character.

Well, here's the final result of this tutorial! 

Here's another edited photo with Angry Birds theme:


How to Create 3D Slant Art Pattern

I am among many who are admiring the works of Tracy Lee Stum , Kurt Wenner and Julian Beever. The Anamorphic art or also known as Slant Art. You know what I mean—3D pavement art or much well known as 3D street painting. 
Like most, I asked myself how they made such art. It was really amazing. I dealt researched and studied how they do it and by doing rehearsal a few days, I also learned it.

I learned two ways to do it. One way is to require any camera while you draw directly on paper. This will be the view finder to make your masterpiece. The second way is by editing using Photoshop.

And that's what I teach you in this post.

Mabuti Nalang Walang Rizal Park sa Brunei - A Valentine Feature

Runnnn!!! Save yourself from firing squad!

Ang bilis ng araw, 'no? Akalain ba namang a-trese na pala ngayon. Ibig sabihin, isang araw nalang pala natira bago magdiwang ang (iilang parte lang naman ng) mundo sa pinakaaabangang Couple's Day

Ba't pa kasi nauso ang araw na'to? 

Tiyak, may iilan diyan ngayon nakapaghanda na ng iso'surpresang regalo para sa mga kabiyak nila. 

Ikaw? Anong klaseng paghahanda kaya ang naisipan mong gawin? 


A Father's LOVE is Unconditional

Hi there. I was so inspired doing a biblical scene and making it as background for Phillips, Craig, and Dean song: When God Ran from their album entitled Restoration


How To Draw Plastic Bottle In 3 Steps

Three easy steps on how to draw a bottle.


(I'm using HB STAEDTLER pencil for this tute.)
STEP 1. 
Focus on our subject. Now, put some imaginary lines on it. 
Draw out the guidelines or frame (base on our imaginary lines) for our plastic bottle on your paper. 

STEP 2. 
Next is to draw out all the possible outlines to complete the shape of our plastic bottle.
STEP 3. 
Finalize your drawing by applying artistic skills to make your plastic bottle look real. And it's done.

bottle outcome


ARTion! Against Air Pollution!

What caught my attention almost immediately was these murals done by Filipino artists on a wall in EDSA, a main highway, with air-purifying paint in Metro Manila last February 1, 2012. It was set out by the Philippine paint manufacturer of Boysen, with the support of the MMDA (Metro Manila Development Authority), to launched an urban renewal initiative with the use of Boysen's KNOxOUT paint. 


Color Harmonies

 The basic techniques for creating color schemes
Because sometimes written explanations are confusing than it seems, let me explain these basic techniques for creating color schemes in a simplest way. 

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